European worker suffering from back pain
life years (DALY) lost
billion USD total cost for musculoskeletal disorders & back injuries in 2016 in the EU

The MOTEN software process the collected data to render them into graphs, ergonomic scoreboards or 3D avatars. Combined with artificial intelligence, our analysis tool makes risk prevention more precise, objective and faster both individually and collectively.

The provided indicators allow efficient and fast decision-making to modify workstations, analyze the physical impact of new equipment on your employees or simulate work environments.


Increase your collaborators’ health and safety risks awareness to real-time feedback and visualization of the activity by the 3D avatar


Evaluate the occupational health risks with the translation of movement data into ergonomic indicators. MOTEN can customize the ergonomic KPI according to your standards.


Benefit from exclusive tools to improve working conditions and reduce the exposure to occupational accident and MSD risks with our data fusion algorithms: optimization of physiological break times and station rotations chart, occupational health risks forecast…


MOTEN builds an Occupational Movement Database to boost research on occupational health risks. We help professionals to understand the roots of the issue. Thanks to deep learning algorithms we build forecast tools to help reduce further sinistrality.

  • Real-time monitoring of the physical workload.
  • Adopt accurate KPIs to build a successful Health & Safety strategy.
  • Predict absenteeism rates associated with occupational hazards.