Our experts work alongside you and advise you in your projects to improve working conditions. Our data quickly provide added value in the estimation of biomechanical risk factors, the validation of the physiological impact of the equipment you wish to acquire or the support in the design of ergonomic solutions.

Ergonomic assessment

Evaluate quickly the occupational health risks thanks to predefined ergonomic rating grids.

This approach provides an understanding of the risk levels of a workstation on the well-being of your employees.

Impact study

Observe the physiological impact of workstation modifications or the acquisition of equipment, such as exoskeletons, on your employees.

You can evaluate in real time the benefit of your process modification and validate your investments with confidence.

Design assistance

Design tools and workstations that are perfectly adapted to your employees and their ways of working (Ergo / Exoskeletons for example). The integration of our data, into your design models, fosters the acceptability of your teams and the perfect match with your activities.